I would recommend Lauren to anyone interested in yoga and meditation, even if you have been practicing for 30+ years or are a total newbie like me! After you leave Lauren’s class your body will feel lighter and your heart and mind more open.
— Keryn Howart, Jersey City Student
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Lauren is full of energy and charisma, everything you would want in an instructor! I always leave her class learning something new about Yoga, and advancing within my own practice.
— Shawna Ferrato, Jersey City Student

Lauren allows me to travel to that place of peace & balance, while viewing all the wonders of my breath, while at the same time busting my gut with her humor and generosity of spirit.
— Darla Freeman, Jersey City Student
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Lauren creates a safe place where I can come as I am and practice yoga. No judgements. Just a raw, real yoga practice. Her energy feels free and honest and creates a level of intimacy that isn’t found in every class.
— Lori Dunn, Hoboken Student

Lauren is an extremely informative and patient teacher making students of all levels feel welcome in her class.
— Casey Stauble, Jersey City Student
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Photography by Karjaka Studios